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26 AUGUST 2019

Hong Kong is so multifaceted that you can’t call it just one thing. For example, we can’t decide if the city is more beautiful by day or by night. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best night photography spots in Hong Kong. Head to them by day for beautiful photos — and by night for even more stunning shots.

Tips to Find Night Photography Spots in Hong Kong

While we happen to believe that these four spots are the best for nighttime photos in the city, we also encourage you to find your own favorite spots. These tips will help you find some of the best night photography spots in Hong Kong.

Get Up High

The higher you go, the easier it will be to get a little light to illuminate your photos. You can get some amazing views of the city and its lights from high up.

Go to the Light

This city is spectacularly lit at nighttime. This means Hong Kong the perfect city for night photography. While the entire city seems to glow at night, there are a few areas that really seem to shine. Head to large shopping areas and neighborhoods with electronic billboards for great night shots.

Scope Out Spots by Day

Before wandering the city at night, we recommend checking out some possible spots by day. This will allow you to scope out some spots when you have full light.

Sky 100 HK Observation Deck

We love Sky 100 because it offers a 360-degree view of the city from the 100th floor of the Commerce Centre — making it one of the best night photography spots in Hong Kong. The best part is that it’s indoors, so your photography goals won’t be deterred by weather of any kind.

From the 100th floor, you’ll get a great view of Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbour. It’s also just two floors about the Ritz-Carlton, so you can always stop by for a drink before heading back to the ground level.

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Star Ferry Tour

Hop on the Star Ferry for a one-hour nighttime tour of Victoria Harbour. You’ll see some of the most amazing views of Hong Kong; the city turns into a wall of lights by night. You’ll also get some beautiful views of the passing ships and the night sky.

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Victoria Peak

Known locally as “The Peak,” Victoria Peak is the tallest hill on Hong Kong Island and the 31st tallest in the city. You’ll climb (by funicular) 552 meters to a viewpoint that offers stunning views of the harbour, city and skyline.

By night, you’ll get amazing photos of twinkly lights and the backlighting of the walkway on the platform.

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Garden Hill at Sham Shui Po

Garden Hill offers a low-key vantage point of the city. While Victoria Peak gets plenty of tourist foot traffic, Garden Hill has a clandestine vibe. This vantage point is much closer to the skyscrapers, so your photos won’t be the same if you decide to get shots from both spots.

Direction: Exit from Sham Shui Po MTR Station D1 > Passing through Yen Chow Street > Left hand side of YHA Mei Ho House Youth Hostel > Follow the sign of ‘ Path Up Hill’

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