Hong Kong Food Deals and Restaurant Deals

29 AUGUST 2019

You can find just about any type of cuisine at any budget in most major cities in China. There are so many good restaurants and food markets, it’s not hard to get a great meal; the hard part is deciding where to eat! These Hong Kong food tours and restaurant deals will ensure your belly stays full — without emptying your wallet.


Types of Hong Kong Food

You can get pretty much any type of food in Hong Kong, from traditional Chinese cuisine to Western favorites. Some of the city’s most popular foods include:

  • Dim sum
  • Char sui (roast pork belly)
  • Lo mai gai (steamed rice)
  • Roast goose
  • Roast chicken


Top Hong Kong Food Deals: Tours

One of the easiest ways to find hidden culinary gems in a new city is by taking a food tour. These tours are run by expert guides who will not only take you to some of the best restaurants in Hong Kong — they’ll explain the history behind each dish.


Central and Sheung Wan Food Tour

Kaolabeds Offer: On Sale Now! Central and Sheung Wan Food Tour (From HK$735)

Try a sampling of food at six restaurants and food stalls on this tour of Hong Kong. Along the way, you’ll try dim sum, noodles and pork — all while learning about the economic development in the city. Each restaurant is family-owned and operated and represents a different aspect of Hong Kong cuisine.

This small-group tour is limited to 12 participants and lasts 3.5 hours.


Kowloon City – The Hidden food Menu of Hong Kong

Koalabeds Offer: Buy 1 Get 1 Now! Kowloon City – The Hidden Food Menu of Hong Kong (From HK$721)

This tour of Kowloon City takes you through off-the-beatenpath markets and restaurants. You’ll travel by air-conditioned coach to restaurants, markets and teahouses. Sip on a refreshing milk tea at your first stop before exploring a few markets known for licorice fruits and exotic sauces. End the tour with dinner at a dai pai dong, an open-air food stall

Included in the price of the tour is a sampling of food at select locations. We happen to think this is one of the best Hong Kong food deals for the price of admission.


Hong Kong Food Deals: Restaurant Deals

Hong Kong is full of inexpensive food. Still, you can’t beat these deals. Caring Tea and Tsui Wah Restaurant are two Hong Kong institutions we can’t recommend enough.


Caring Tea in Tsim Sha Tsui

Koalabeds Offer: Discount Now! Caring Tea in Tsim Sha Tsui – Bubble Tea Voucher (From HK$42)

Milk tea is one of the most popular beverages in Hong Kong. This deal gives you HKD50 toward a milk or bubble tea.

Choose between traditional hot milk tea, iced tea — or bubble tea, a blend of milk tea and tapioca pearls or jellies.

Caring Tea donates a portion of every sale to people in need in the city.


Tsui Wah Restaurant in Hong Kong

Koalabeds Offer: Up To 10% Discount Now! Tsui Wah Restaurant in Hong Kong – Cash Voucher (From HK$46)

Tsui Wah Restaurant is one of the most well-renowned tea houses in Hong Kong. Founded in Mong Kok in 1967, Tsui Wah is known for its high quality of food.

While this isn’t necessarily a tour (after purchasing, you’ll get a coupon for 50 percent off your meal), it’s still an inexpensive way to try a variety of dishes. We recommend ordering a cup of the aromatic milk tea and the traditional Malaysian curry.



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