Unusual Attractions and Spots in Hong Kong


Humdrum travelling itinerary time and again? Cool and amusing places in Hong Kong is way beyond your anticipation, and more than the lists in your guide book. Temporarily forget about The Peak, Street Market, Big Buddha or Avenue of Star etc., here are some sincere recommendations by a local.

“Let your memory, be your travel bag.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


1. Jumping Field, North Point

If you are struggling about missing you daily gym routine, this might be an ideal place for you to “workout” a bit. This jumping field, with over 7,000 square feet of connected trampolines, is the one of the largest trampoline park in Hong Kong. This park welcomes individual, group of friends, couple or family with kids! Besides of trampoline, you can also find slackline, trapeze, foam pits and ninja obstacle and more there. Fun jumping time!



2. Relaxing at Bodyzone

Exhausted after walking for a whole day? Massage promotes a sense of relaxation, and effectively reduce muscle tension and improve blood circulation. Bodyzone, attractively located in the center of Tsim Sha Tsui, offers foot massages, lymphatic treatments and Chinese style body massage. Why not treating yourself with a relaxing massage?


3. Hidden Gem- Tai O

Tai O Village is a miniature of old Hong Kong. Lots of cultural heritage are easily spotted in Tai O, for example Tin Hau Temple, Yeung Hau Temple, Kwan Tai Temple and old Tai O Marine Police Station. There is no commercial store in Tai O, in the other meaning, you will not find McDonald or 7-11 inside, but only the store that opened by a local Tai O resident.

The origin of Tai O Village was Tanka people, they used to live in a boat and fish every day. After, they have stationed in land according to the government, and it is the creation of ‘Stilt House’, house that built along the store with special wood. Remember not to enter their house as they usually open up their door, I believe you do not wish to see any stranger in your house too.

Although Tai O is very small, and the number of Tai O locals are declining as they moved out to city for better opportunities. The village is self- sufficiency and has well- established community, there are school, restaurants, clinic and all other daily necessaries.

To mention, there is no transportation inside the village apart from your foot or bicycle, so get ready for walking around this beautiful village. You might take a jet boat to the other side of pier, and take a boat trip to see the Pink Dolphin (Sousa Chinensis) if you are lucky enough!

Do not miss the sunset in the pier! Located in the southernmost area in Hong Kong, Tai O has the best spot for sunset personally. The pier is right under the former marine police station (now as Tai O Heritage Hotel), isn’t it so romantic to enjoy this moment to your beloved one? By the way, if you are interested to understand more about the history of Tai O, take a hotel free guided tour (register one day before), they are very willing to tell you more about Tai O Village!


4. BBQ at Tai Mei Tuk

Tai Mei Tuk is a very popular place for BBQ (barbecue) and cycling, there are so many things you could do there apart from these too. Not really craving for BBQ? Discover the restaurants along Ting Kok Road. Not to miss, walking or cycling through the Plover Cove Reservoir will definitely thrill you by its astonishing view!


5. Cantonese Opera Show at Xiqu Center

It may sounds so outdated for watching Cantonese Opera Show, but the answer is certainly a ‘NO’. Xiqu Center opened its door in 2019, providing quality venue for ‘Xiqu’, Cantonese Opera in order to promote its rich culture. Not only visiting the building itself, you will have a chance to join the workshop as well as the guided tour, to know more about the history of Xiqu.


6. T Park, Tuen Mum

T stands for ‘transformation’, transforming waste to energy. Combining recreational and educational facilities, the building itself is self-sustained and has no external supply of water and electricity. Adopting eco- friendly materials, it features multi- purpose facility for waste- to- energy, leisure and education.

So what can we do in T Park? Besides of visiting its stunning building design and educational center, we highly recommend you to the T Spa. It is generated by the heat energy recovered from the sludge incineration process, which no external energy is used. There are 3 spas offering pools indicating hot, ambient and cool temperatures with the sea view of Deep Bay. After a relaxing spa time, you might also visit T Café with all the environmental-friendly furniture and utensils!


7. Horse Riding

With more than 170 years of history, horse riding is one of the locals’ favorite event! Every week, citizens & tourists can visits to the two racecourses at New Territories and Hong Kong Island. Individual may access to public area which includes the Grandstand, betting hall and numerous restaurants by only HK$10 admission fee. Find yourself a great spot and enjoy the races!

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