How We Can Help the Koalas and Animals Who Suffer from Australia Bushfires

17 JANUARY 2020

In 2019 we saw sacred and critical natural places such as Siberia and Amazon light up like never before. But the recent attention shifted to Australia bushfires, a catastrophic chain of events through the whole continent that carried over to the current year of 2020. Australian koalas, dozens of people and many other living beings have been touched by it tremendously. The vicious Australian bushfires have seen many Celebrities such as Nicole Kidman make major donations of $500,000 and more. But it doesn’t matter if you’re wealthy or not, we all can make the contribution, and even the smallest one matters today because Australia bushfires continue to blaze.

There is no secret that Australian koalas and wildlife have suffered the most from these Australia bushfires. Therefore, let’s not only stroll through different options of how we can help Australian koalas and other animals who suffer from Australia bushfires but a quick look into the cause and damages as well.

Quick Brief on the Cause & the Damage

There’s no secret that fire season and Australian bushfires are a common phenomenon during the Australian summer and happens every year regularly. With dry and hot weather combined with lightning strikes, the fire-prone eucalyptus trees and more – natural causes are mostly to blame.

However, in addition to global warming accelerating these Australia bushfires, there has been over 20 people charged with intentional bushfire starting too. And when we put everything together, the result is devastating damage raging through the exotic landscape of Australia.

The national impact estimates a loss of more than a billion animals country-wide. Alongside that comes the death of over 20 people and thousands of homes lost.

Why Australian Koalas Are One of the Most Vulnerable

Without a doubt, Koalas are iconic Australian animals alongside likes of kangaroos and the sweet grey-coated creatures are favorite amongst many. However, they are one of the most vulnerable animals out there, under the orange mist of Australian bushfires.

Eucalyptus trees that Koalas enjoy so much and climb to the top of them due to instinct of safety have a high oil concentration in them which makes the trees easily ignite and even explode. Not to mention that Koalas are much slower than animals like Kangaroos and are more less-likely to escape rapid fires.

In the nature reserve of Kangaroo Island alone, around 25,000 koalas have already perished. A number more than heartbreaking.

Make a Financial Donation

Are you ready to help out? If yes – great! Even if you are just considering it – still great. There are many ways to do it and financial donation is one of the most convenient, effective and popular methods of helping victims of Australia bushfires, especially wildlife who has suffered the most.

Here are some of the best organizations that will be the bridge between you and the compassion, you and those most in need:

  • Australian Red Cross is always a good place to start as it is one of the more well-known organizations, and you can also volunteer for them. 
  • WIRES is an emergency funding for injured and displaced wildlife, and one of the best organizations to support as they are making thousands of rescues. 
  • RSPCA is another great non-profit organization with open doors for all animals in danger with more than 29,000 animals seeking their help each year, and especially now.

Consider Gifting Variety of Goods

Money can go a long way – yes, but so do various goods. If you prefer donating supplies, you’re in for good news as well!

Even better if you like to craft items. Think of beddings, bandages and other essentials for orphaned wildlife.

Today, there are plenty of organizations that are putting out wish lists in order to inform the exact needs of animals. Check out a couple of such examples like The Rescue Collective, Givit and Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild and try to see how maybe you can contribute in a different approach!

Australia Bushfires are Far from Over

The fires have been blazing since September 2019 and while live updates tell us of promising rains and hurricanes and more ease, the fires, however, are far from over. Poor air quality continues to be an issue alongside more than 100 remaining fires in Australia at the moment. Any help and donation are as valuable as it has ever been.

If you’re planning to visit Australia yourself and wondering about accommodation, don’t hesitate to check out our latest news about our expansion to Sydney as well. 

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