Best Time to See Cherry Blossom Sakura in Japan & More

21 JANUARY 2020

Witnessing Sakura in Japan is more than just flower viewing. That’s why we are going to talk about the history and tradition of Sakura in Japan as well as how timing to see them might be different during the 2020 cherry blossom season in Japan.  Let’s find all of that out and when it’s the best time to see Sakura in Japan in full display and why it is more than just a flower!

Forecast: Signs of an Early Start in 2020

But one thing in common amongst everyone in Japan is following the forecasts closely in order to capture the 2020 cherry blossom season in Japan correctly.

Due to higher temperatures in winter and autumn as well as unexpectedly warm Spring, the full blossom of sakura in Japan is expected to be early this time. 

It is nothing new after all, as every year it starts a bit differently, and while only lasting a few weeks, it is more than an essential action to follow an accurate forecast. Tokyo is a perfect example as it is set for first blossoms to appear on March 19th instead of its typical later times (April 1-7 in 2019).

Best Time to See Sakura in Japan

A general rule always has been to look out for the period between March and April for cherry blossom sakura in Japan. And it still does apply for this year, but there’s one more thing to consider as well.

The 2020 cherry blossom season in Japan as any other in the past begins in the south as its earliest and continues to move northward where latecomers can still witness the cherry blossom even in early May.

So, when is the best time to see it? It depends. Because as you can see, nature is unpredictable and requires patience and a sharp following of the forecast. Choosing a specific region beforehand is a necessity too. But planning your vacation between March & April will always score you an unforgettable experience.  

History: It All Starts with Ancient Traditions

The flower viewing in Japan is not just a regular activity. Having its own name “Hanami” – by exploring the fascinating flower of Sakura in Japan you’ll have a chance to be a part of an ancient tradition that dates back as early as year 710.

The 2020 cherry blossom season in Japan is no different. Once Spring comes and all of the beautiful cherry trees begin to bloom, you will discover a new side of Japan!

By seeing paper or evening lanterns being hung, noisy and fun Sakura parties being enjoyed by younger people while older citizens lean towards ancient traditions and calm viewing of flowers. An experience all yours to soak in while strolling under the masterpiece of natural engineering.

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