Our Concept

Self Check In

Koalabeds is a new generation self service check-in and travel commerce company that is a fully vertically integrated hotel chain focusing on the budget conscience travellers. We strive to become the first fully automated and connected ” hotel of the future” globally. With our innovative app, guests will receive a seamless mobile experience in booking all destination-related activities and rooms.

Delightful Customer Experience

Koalabeds is committed to creating the best customer experience. With Koalabeds, you will receive the most affordable and comfortable stay.

Free Toiletries

Upon arrival, with each direct booking on Koalabeds, you will receive free toiletries and water.

Free Wifi

We offer Free Wifi in All of Our Guesthouse Rooms.

Best Price Guarantee

Koalabeds states a Best Price Guarantee compared to any other OTA channels.